About the Cordova Bay Hikers

Cordova Bay is located halfway up the Saanich Peninsula north of Victoria, British Columbia. The Cordova Bay Hikers began in 1982 with a small group of friends walking together once a week in the neighbourhood.

The group has now grown to 65 individuals including Alumni, Inactive Hikers and up to over 30 hikers coming out some weeks.  Hikers gather for car pooling every Wednesday between 0800 and 0900, September to June, hiking throughout the Greater Victoria area and beyond. Most members are retirees. Four grades of hikes are scheduled each Wednesday, two morning hikes and two longer lunch hikes. A shorter outing also goes out every Wednesday with the generosity of hiker who has been in the group since 1988.

Two social events are a Christmas pot luck luncheon and a BBQ in June. Longer overnight outings are also organized each year, staying in accommodation for two to 4 nights.

Guests are welcome but you are requested to be in touch with Libby at libeej@gmail.com before presenting at the meeting place.

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